Anabelle – Born To Ride

Following a crash on his scooter, Ricky hobbles home to his sex kitten girlfriend Anabelle to get his wounds tended – it’s a humorously dramatic start to “Born To Ride,” Andrej Lupin’s playful tale of sexual healing.


Model: Anabelle
Male Performer: Ricky
Released Date: May 31, 2017
Description: Following a crash on his scooter, Ricky hobbles home to his sex kitten girlfriend Anabelle to get his wounds tended – it’s a humorously dramatic start to “Born To Ride,” Andrej Lupin’s playful tale of sexual healing. Once Ricky’s scrapes have been cleaned, Anabelle kisses him better, his big cock soon stirring. Anabelle gets naked and straddles her man on the sofa, feeding his long, hard cock into her shaved pussy. Playing up to his injuries, Ricky is content to let Anabelle do all the work, her big breasts jiggling invitingly as she slides up and down the length of his shaft. She hovers astride his face to let him taste her, then gets on her knees to fellate his cock and suck on his ballsac, mouth stretched around his tremendous girth. She mounts him again in reverse cowgirl, taking him hard and deep; then they flip into missionary, Ricky thrusting vigorously as he fondles Anabelle’s big tits and she rubs her clit, both breathless with pleasure. Anabelle turns over onto her knees and Ricky slams into her repeatedly, the intensity of their fucking off the charts; she shakes uncontrollably as she has an explosive orgasm, then jerks him off over her heaving breasts. While Ricky’s scootering skills leave a lot to be desired, the mutual passion of their lovemaking suggests that both he and Anabelle were “Born To Ride.” Be sure to watch through the cute closing credits…
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Anabelle – Born To Ride
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