Harumi Taninaka 谷中晴美 - 082515 01

Harumi Taninaka who came to see me with a cute yukata. 21 years old. It is an appearance of our own Yukata. I have not experienced to etch as it is in Yukata, this time it seems this time for the first time. Of course, preparation under the yukata under the yukata is all right! When he usually wears a yukata, he seems to wear a T-back, but he seems to be a bit uneasy. Last half sex without a boyfriend from about half a year ago, since the wannabe troub a month ago. Porori is cute and frustrated real intention, I want to sit a bit. Harumi chan does not match the number of experienced people and boyfriend. Ecchi “I do not dislike” They all say so. Smile as “I like it” as he shamefully urge him to say clearly. It seems that the first experience will also be seen as car sex Harumi-chan. Then, please enjoy Yukata SEX with shameful Harumi-chan.

Title: 天然むすめ 082515_01 自慢の浴衣でエッチしました
Starring: Harumi Taninaka (谷中晴美)
Age: 21
Body Size: B: 83 W: 58 H: 80
Length: 00:58:37
Released date: 08/25/2015
Description: 可愛い浴衣で待ち合わせに来てくれたのは谷中晴美ちゃん。21歳。自前の浴衣で登場です。浴衣のままでエッチした経験はなく、今回が初めてだそうです。もちろん、浴衣の下はノーパンで咥え込む準備は万全!普段浴衣を着るときはTバックを穿いているそうですがちょっとムラムラしちゃうそうです。半年前くらいから彼氏なしで最後にSEXするのは、一ヶ月前のワンナイトラブ以来。ちょっとシたくてたまんないです、と可愛く欲求不満な本音をポロリ。経験人数と彼氏数が合わない晴美ちゃん。エッチは「嫌いじゃないです」皆そう言うんですよね。はっきり言ってくれても良いんですよと促すと恥らいながら「好きです」と笑顔。初体験がカーセックスという晴美ちゃん、みられるのも感じちゃうそうです。それでは恥らう晴美ちゃんとの浴衣SEXをお楽しみくださーい。

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