Miyuki ミユキ - 4148 177
What is wrong, the appearance of a lady who performed an AV appearance ~! Miyuki is felt like I feel calm and calm . The manner of talking is also like a lady, when you listen to the story the parents were a lady of a famous brewery manufacturer in Echigo. I was surprised. As my mother is from Akita, it is a typical Tohoku beauty. Oppai is not like Ken – chan, but I was weak against the word young lady, so I decided to SEX, Deb is refused because it is NG ~. Gabbian. Since it can not be helped, the Ogasan actor has decided to SEX. It is frustrating ~. Although it seems that he was in a situation of employment, he said he decided to have an AV appearance after playing and losing money. Because it is fairly white, the nipple is also beautiful pink, it’s nice to have a beautiful pink coloring daisocho with packed. Whether you are playing with a strange man, blowjob is good ~. Ogisan actor seems to be happy to be able to cum inside the young girl. Ken is lonely ~ ↓ ↓


Title: Heydouga PPV 4148 177 – 越後の作酒屋の令嬢がやってきましたよ~。色白でアソコも綺麗なピンク色ですよ~編
Starring: ミユキ
Category: スリム 清楚 美少女 中出し 生ハメ
Released date: 11/10/2015
Length: 00:54:31
Description: なにを間違ってか、AV出演をしちゃったお嬢様の登場ですよ~。ミユキちゃんは、色白で落ち着いてる感じがいいですねぇ~。しゃべり方もお嬢様っぽくて、話を聞いてみたら実家は越後で有名な酒造メーカーのお嬢様だったんですねぇ~。ビックリしちゃいました。お母さんが秋田出身なので、典型的な東北美人なんですねぇ~。オッパイはケンちゃん好みじゃないんですけど、お嬢様という言葉に弱いのでSEXしようと思ったら、デブはNGということで断られちゃいました~。ガビーーーン。仕方ないので、オジサン男優がSEXすることになりましたよ~。悔しいですねぇ~。就職で状況したはいいものの、遊んでお金がなくなっちゃってAV出演を決めたそうですよ~。色白なので、乳首も綺麗なピンク色、パックリあいたアソコも綺麗なピンク色でいいですねぇ~。散々男と遊びまっくてるのか、フェラは上手ですよ~。オジサン男優も若い子に中出しできてうれしそうですねぇ~。ケンちゃんは寂しいですよ~↓↓

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