Ruslana - Flaming Hot

Flaming Hot with Ruslana, teen beauty redhead that knows how to please her man with a wow blowjob! This lovely lady has long sexy blonde curls,…


Model: Ruslana
Male Performer: Nikolas
Released Date: July 11, 2016
Description: Flaming Hot with Ruslana, teen beauty redhead that knows how to please her man with a wow blowjob! This lovely lady has long sexy blonde curls, big red lips and pale skin that made her look like the star of a vampire movie. This inspired her creative lover to start nibbling on her neck and nipples and before long she was totally naked. Her skin was so beautiful so flawless she was practically transclucent. He screwed her pretty little pussy and then he flipped her over to fuck her up the butt. He then stuck his cock in her glossy rpin mouth and pumped until it was time to eject his cream down her throat.
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