Wandy – The Heat 2

As gorgeous Wandy relaxes on a hot day, the movie opens with close-ups of ice chips melting on her body. The first slides down her back and the next sits in her navel, trickling water down to her shaved pussy before slipping in between her thighs.

Model: Wandy
Released Date: June 02, 2017
Description: As gorgeous Wandy relaxes on a hot day, the movie opens with close-ups of ice chips melting on her body. The first slides down her back and the next sits in her navel, trickling water down to her shaved pussy before slipping in between her thighs. More glide over her golden skin, leaving wet trails on her perfect, small breasts and round ass, then a piece is used to tease her nipples stiff. She sucks on it, her lips painted a hot pink, then splays her thighs and rubs it over her slit. The first full-length shot of Wandy shows she is lying naked on a table in a rustic kitchen, her long, blonde-streaked brunette hair fanned out behind her as she caresses herself with her hands and the ice. As her fingers home in on her crotch her back arches clear of the table and, as they slip inside of her creaming pussy, she moves rhythmically, moaning out loud. As her excitement rises she switches position – raising her legs and lying on her side and then her belly – her tits and incredible, firm buns quivering as she fingers herself furiously. Twitching and writhing in puddles of water she finally makes herself cum. Then she lies back, perfectly calm and satisfied for now…
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Wandy – The Heat 2
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